Hello World!

I am Yury Kolerov from Moscow, Russia, and I am a sand collector. Arenophilia is a science word for collecting sand, which makes me an arenophile.

Why collecting sand? Because I like it. I want to see my collection grow and show it to people — other sand-lovers, travelers or just those curious. I’m not chasing sand from exotic venues, mine mostly comes from some ordinary beaches, river banks, sea bottoms and shores as well as cities, woods, deserts and quarries.

I make pics of the sand and upload them on the site. You can enlarge them and watch grains in detail — just click your mouse or tap to zoom in and enjoy. You can also see the location where a certain sample comes from.


Questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact me@everysand.com in English or Russian. Sand news can be found on Twitter.

Send me your sand

You can contribute to my collection — just collect some sand near your place or when travelling and send it to me. Don’t take construction sand or souvenir-bottle sand — you never know where it comes from. The best container to store it is a small plastic bottle, 300 ml will do. It’s cheap and easy to ship and if there is a problem with postage charges, please tell me prior to sending and I’ll do my best to reimburse them via WebMoney, PayPal or any other way.

Don’t forget to close the bottle with its cap firmly and attach info about the sample, including the exact coordinates of the sampling spot. It would be great if you email me a pic of the site where you’ve collected it.

Shipping address:

Yury Kolerov
PO Box 141

Колеров Юрий
а/я 141

If you are in Moscow, feel free to drop by.

I’m also open to exchange so let me know if you’re interested.

Terms of use

All images and texts on the site are protected by Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license, which means they’re free for non-commercial use, you just need to put a credit. You don’t need my consent to use the content.

I don’t guarantee the info provided is 100% accurate and bear no responsibility for any potential loss or damage incurred.

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